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Hand-Drawn Spaces

"Hand-Drawn Spaces" is a virtual performance in which dancers move across three projection screens and the spaces in between. The figures are modeled and rendered as three-dimensional sketches, and are animated by the intricate choreography of Merce Cunningham.

The composition was created with motion fragments that were motion-captured, key-frame reduced, footstep-extracted and then assembled into long-format sequences with motion flow editing.

In this Special Session, presenters discussed their individual contributions to this work and addressed the prospects of and for virtual dance.

Paul Kaiser
Riverbed (Concept and Visual Design)

Merce Cunningham
Cunningham Dance Foundation (Choreography)

Paul Kaiser
Shelley Eshkar
Michael Girard
Susan Amkraut

Unreal Pictures (Motion Editing and Composition Software)

Shelley Eshkar
Riverbed (Concept and Visual Design)

Ron Kuivila
(Sound Design)

Web 3D Round-Up:
Tomorrow's Visions of Web-Based Virtual Reality

The Web is round! Forget about html flatland. In this fun-filled event, jam-packed with content and information, the top designers of 3D content for the Internet presented their latest and greatest efforts. Each presenter -- independent artist, head of a small company, or representative from a major developer -- had a limited time to get their point across. If they didn't, they were met with a barrage of Nerf balls and other surprises.


Organization Presenter(s) URL
 Self Craig Reynolds
(VNET) Christopher St. John
artist Brandon Rickman
Blitcom Mark Pesce
Carnegie Mellon University  Tina Cobb
Cicada Interactive, Inc. Matt O'Donnell
Electronic Café and LAVUG Celia Pearce
MSNBC Alan Taylor
France Telecom Julien Signès, Jeffrey Close david collier
IBM T.J. Watson Andre Gueziec
infoplasm Barrett Fox
MetaCreations Dmitry Papern
Microsoft (4 Chrome demos) Audra Mulkern  
MSNBC Alan Taylor
Naval Postgraduate School Don Brutzman
NY VRML SIG marjorie stave
NYU Media Research Lab Athomas Goldberg
NYU Media Research Laboratory Ken Perlin
Out of the Blue Linda Hahner
Oz Thor Gunnarsson
PLATINUM Technology, Inc. John Osterhaus
Seamless Solutions, Inc.  Ed Sims
SGI David Frerichs
Silicon Graphics Inc Tom Kaye
Sun Microsystems Ken Tallman
Superscape Steve LaPedis 
Viewpoint Ken Krull
virtual real-estate claudia cavallar
Virtual Ventures Dave Blackburn
WhoWhere?, Inc. Timothy Childs
Xerox PARC Maureen Stone  
Zapa Eyal Gever

Don Brutzman
Naval Postgraduate School

Master of Ceremonies
Timothy Childs
WhoWhere?, Inc.

History of the Future:
The Past, Present, and Future of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics and interactive techniques, once the esoteric purview of computer scientists in the ivory towers of academia and military research, have now permeated virtually every aspect of our culture. From high-tech film effects, to the World Wide Web, from architecture to artificial intelligence, from computerized games to computerized brain surgery, computer graphics can be seen in all facets of modern life, from the sublime to the trivial.

The 25th SIGGRAPH conference provided an opportunity to pause and reflect. Where were we going 25 years ago and before? Where did we end up? Were the predictions we made over the past 25 years accurate? What went wrong? What went right? What surprised everyone?

This Special Session presented an insightful, humorous, and lively look at the past, present, past future, present past, and present future of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Celia Pearce
Celia Pearce & Friends
SIGGRAPH 98 Panels Chair

Rebecca Allen
University of California at Los Angeles

Don Greenberg
Cornell University/Hewlett Packard

Alan Kay
Walt Disney Imagineering

Turner Whitted
Microsoft Research

Survival Stories from "Titanic"

The chills. The thrills. The spills. Tales of human courage under daunting odds. Epic disasters in the face of looming deadlines.

No, not the movie -- the effects production.

Survival Stories from "Titanic" provided an intimate, in-the-trenches look at what it took to coordinate a massive multi-company project of this scale, and the management and people skills required. At SIGGRAPH 97, attendees got a sneak preview of some of the awesome special effects in "Titanic." AT SIGGRAPH 98, they got an insider's view of the trials and tribulations of creating this Academy Award-winning epic disaster movie.

Camille Celluci
Independent Visual Effects Producer

Rob Legato
Digital Domain

Judith Crow
Digital Domain

Ken Jones
Composite Image Systems

Casey Cannon
Banned from the Ranch

Jamie Dixon
Hammerhead Productions, Inc.

Cheryl Budgett
Blue Sky | VIFX


A quiz show that tested the knowledge of Official Bowling Teams on a variety of computer graphics topics and trivia:

And the winners were:

Team Seattle: The Raining Champions
David Salesin, Andrew Glassner, Michael Cohen

Other competitors:

Team NYC: What are you looking at?
Scott Lang, Ken Perlin, Carl Machover

Team Utah: Utah Teaputz
Peter Shirley, Peter-Pike Sloan, Robert McDermott

Team Brown: Hooray for the Red, White and Brown
David "Spoke" Laidlaw, Nancy "Spork" Pollard, John "Spike" Hughes

Team Grappa: The Twice-Distilled Team
Ken Musgrave, Dave Fracchia, Shawn Neely

Team Caltech: Catch the Wavelet
Peter Schröder, Al Barr, David Breen

Team CMU: Straight from Mister Roger's Neighborhood
Paul Heckbert, Steve Seitz, Michael Garland

Team ILM: Let the Wookiee Win
Joshua Pines, Dan Goldman, Florian Kainz Subs: Rod G Bogart, Doug Smythe

Team UBC: Two Canucks and a wandering Californian
Paul Lalonde, Bob Lewis, Dave Martindale

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