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Fact Sheet SIGGRAPH 98

SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Chair
Walt Bransford

SIGGRAPH Conference
Chief Staff Executive
Dino Schweitzer
Capstone Management Group, Inc.

Accounting / Conference Management /
Copy Coordination / Marketing and Media /
Smith, Bucklin, & Associates, Inc.

Art Gallery: Touchware
Joan Truckenbrod
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Audio/Visual Support
AVW Audio Visual, Inc.

Community Outreach
Christopher Stapleton
Universal Studios

Adele Newton
Newton Associates

Computer Animation Festival
Ines Hardtke
National Film Board of Canada

Conference Administration
Capstone Management Group, Inc.

25th Conference Celebration
Carl Machover
Machover Associates Corporation

Harry F. Smith
University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Creative Applications Lab
Garry Paxinos
Metro Link Incorporated

Online Technologies
Omar Ahmad
Netscape Communications Corp.

Educators Program
Scott Grissom
University of Illinois at Springfield

Enhanced Realities/Digital Pavilions
Janet McAndless
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Exhibition Management
Hall-Erickson, Inc.

Graphic Design/Editing/Web Site

Interactive Dance Club
Ryan Ulyate
Synesthesia LLC

International Services
Linda Hersom
James Scidmore
Scidmore, Hersom, & Others Inc.

C.J. Murzyn
University of Illinois at Chicago

Organizational Development
Raoul Buron
Center for Creative Leadership

Celia Pearce
Celia Pearce & Friends

Michael Cohen
Microsoft Research

Publications Chair
Stephen N. Spencer
The Ohio State University

Service Contractor
Freeman Decorating Company

David Tubbs
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation

Christopher Stapleton
Universal Studios

Adele Newton
Newton Associates

Rick Parent
The Ohio State University

Student Volunteers
Joe Lohmar
Digital Domain

Travel Agent
Flying Colors

SIGGRAPH 96 Conference Chair
John Fujii
Hewlett-Packard Company

SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Chair
G. Scott Owen
Georgia State University

SIGGRAPH 99 Conference Chair
Warren Waggenspack
Louisiana State University

SIGGRAPH 2000 Conference Chair
Jackie White
California State University, Los Angeles

Steve Cunningham
California State University, Stanislaus

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