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Facial Modeling & Animation

Irfan Essa
Georgia Institute of Technology

Synthetic Actors
 Making Faces

Brian Guenter
Cindy Grimm
Henrique Malvar

Microsoft Research

Daniel Wood
University of Washington

Synthetic Actors
 An Anthropometric Face Model Using Variational Techniques
Douglas DeCarlo
Dimitris Metaxas
Matthew Stone

University of Pennsylvania
Synthetic Actors
 Modeling Realistic Facial Expressions From Photographs
Frederic Pighin
Jamie Hecker
David H. Salesin

University of Washington

Dani Lischinski
The Hebrew University

Richard Szeliski
Microsoft Research

Animation & Special EffectsModeling
 Subdivision Surfaces for Character Animation
Tony DeRose
Michael Kass
Tien Truong

Pixar Animation Studios
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