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Animation & Simulation

Ronen Barzel

Animation & Special Effects
 NeuroAnimator: Fast Neural Network Emulation and
 Control of Physics-Based Models

Radek Grzeszczuk
Intel Corporation

Demetri Terzopoulos
University of Toronto/Intel Corporation

Geoffrey Hinton
University of Toronto

 A Beam Tracing Approach to Acoustic Modeling for
 Interactive Virtual Environments
Thomas Funkhouser
Princeton University

Ingrid Carlbom
Gary Elko
Gopal Pingali
Mohan Sondhi
Jim West

Bell Laboratories

Synthetic Actors
 Retargeting Motion to New Characters
Michael Gleicher
Autodesk, Inc.
Animation & Special Effects
 Large Steps in Cloth Simulation
David Baraff
Andrew Witkin

Carnegie Mellon University
Main Comments and questions