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SIGGRAPH 98 Papers Committee


Michael F. Cohen
Microsoft Research


Kurt Akeley
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

David Baraff
Carnegie Mellon University

Ronen Barzel

Gary Bishop
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Kelly Booth
University of British Columbia

Rob Cook
Numinous Technologies

Frank Crow
Interval Research

Julie Dorsey
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Irfan Essa
Georgia Institute of Technology

Steve Feiner
Columbia University

Thomas Funkhouser
Princeton University

Hugues Hoppe
Microsoft Research

John Hughes
Brown University

Chris Johnson
University of Utah

David Kirk

Greg Larson
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Marc Levoy
Stanford University

Jitendra Malik
University of California at Berkeley

Joe Marks
Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab

Dimitris Metaxas
University of Pennsylvania

Alyn Rockwood
Power Take-Off Software, Inc.

David Salesin
University of Washington

Tom Sederberg
Brigham Young University

Hans-Peter Seidel
Universität Erlangen

Francois Sillion

Alvy Ray Smith
Microsoft Corporation

John Snyder
Microsoft Research

Demetri Terzopoulos
University of Toronto/Intel Corporation

Jane Wilhelms
University of California at Santa Cruz

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