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Animation & Special Effects
Dis-Illusion of Life: Becoming a Digital Character Animator
Where are the new animators, and why are recruiters having such a hard time finding them? Now that mature digital tools are available to character animators, and as those tools become more sophisticated every year, this field is coming into its own. The market is ripe for talented digital character animators, but they are few and far between. Educators, animators, and industry trainers presented widely divergent views, insights, and suggestions for animators, those who train animators, and anyone looking for employment in character animation.

Barbara Mones-Hattal
Industrial Light & Magic

Jacquelyn Ford Morie
Blue Sky | VIFX

Endla Burrows
Industrial Light & Magic

Peter Docter
Pixar Animation Studios

Daniel Jeannette
Industrial Light & Magic

Ken Perlin
New York University

James Sayers
Sheridan College

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