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Virtual Reality
Look Ma! Four Hands!
New Models for Interacting with 3D Worlds
What is so hard about 3D interaction? What exactly is being done to improve the bandwidth of man-machine interface in 3D environments? The World Wide Web makes practical -- indeed necessary -- the development of code that will run everywhere. Thus real-time 3D environments are now more accessible than ever. This panel looked at practical solutions to the challenge of interfacing with these new 3D worlds, both in terms of hardware devices, and in terms of universal 3D file formats such as VRML 2.0 and JAVA 3D.

Julian E. Gomez
LEGO A/S, SPU-Darwin

Dan Mapes
LEGO A/S, SPU-Darwin

Henry Sowizral
Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Andries van Dam
Brown University

Dan Venolia
Cosmo Software

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