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Sublime and Impossible Bodies
Bodies and their metaphors loom large when we configure the potential of digital media and cyberspace! Bodies extended, connected, sublime, erased, implanted, deformed, defaced, empowered, degendered, buffooned, and desired. This panel debated utopian and dystopian futures with a wild and sexy combination of engineers, artists, animators, out-of-the-box experts, scientists, and medical researchers.

Sara Diamond
The Banff Centre for the Arts

Jane Prophet
Slade School of Art

Catherine Richards
University of Ottawa

Douglas MacLeod
Western University Research Network

Joshua Portway
The Royal College of Art in London

Arlindo Machado
University of São Paulo

Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew
SOIL Digital Media Production Site

Steve Kurtz
Critical Arts Ensemble

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