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A highly interdisciplinary program that sparked animated discussions and provided thought-provoking insights from some of the top professionals in the interactive and graphics world. Panels explored the art and science of image and interface, and addressed the technical, practical, aesthetic, and social challenges that we face as we build the future into the next millennium.

After their presentations, panelists moved on to practical demonstrations in the Creative Applications Lab and informal discussions in the Session Breakout Lounge (Hall F Lobby)

All SIGGRAPH 98 Panels were simultaneously interpreted into Japanese.


    Visualization: The Hard Problems
  Virtual Reality   Look Ma! Four Hands! New Models for Interacting with 3D Worlds
    Listen Up! Real-Time Auditory Interfaces for the Real World
  Interaction   Out of the Box: Toys Break the Screen Barrier
  Animation & Special Effects   Feature FX: Money Pit or Gold Mine?
  Animation & Special Effects   Dis-Illusion of Life: Becoming a Digital Character Animator
  Virtual Reality   Human Factors in Virtual World Design: Psychological and Sociological Considerations
  Virtual Reality   Virtual Reality as Healing Art
  Videoconference   An International Videoconference: Computer Graphics Pioneers Assess Computer Graphics
  Interaction   Interfaces for Humans: Natural Interaction, Tangible Data and Beyond...
  Virtual Reality   Are You Here? Presence in Virtual Reality: What Is It All About and Why Care?
  interaction   The Sorcerer's Apprentice: Invoking Ubiquitous Computing for Computer Graphics
  Syntetic Actors   Behavioral Modeling and Animation: Past, Present, and Future
    Location-Based Entertainment: The Next Generation
  Modeling   Sublime and Impossible Bodies
  Modeling   Is Robust Geometry Possible?
  Interaction   Computer Vision in 3D Interactivity
  Rendering   Ray Tracing and Radiosity: Ready For Production?
  Syntetic Actors   Characters on the Internet: The Next Generation

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