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ACM SIGGRAPH is dedicated to the advancement of computer graphics and interactive techniques through activities that foster the exchange of information among graphics professionals of all kinds. The organization has a long tradition of bringing together a wide variety of people (users, researchers, teachers, product developers) in an exciting exchange of ideas that benefits our entire community.

The heart of SIGGRAPH is its active, talented core of volunteers, and we are always looking for new people with new ideas to keep SIGGRAPH vibrant.

SIGGRAPH is the world's largest professional society for persons working in computer graphics and interactive techniques. It has members all over the world and in every facet of the computer graphics field. Being a member of SIGGRAPH demonstrates your involvement in the computer graphics community and your support for SIGGRAPH's goals and activities. The strength of SIGGRAPH's voice on issues important to our field depends on its activities and on the number and quality of our membership.
As a SIGGRAPH member, you receive the Computer Graphics newsletter, the Conference Proceedings and CD-ROM, Conference Abstracts & Applications and CD-ROM, Electronic Art & Animation Catalog and CD-ROM. You may also choose a less expensive "Lite" membership that includes only the newsletter. All members enjoy discounts on SIGGRAPH conferences and publications, and have the opportunity to subscribe to the proceedings of other computer-graphics-related conferences through the Member Plus program.
You can look for membership information at:
Other Conferences
SIGGRAPH sponsors or has formal cooperation with about a dozen other conferences each year. These include such events as the Interactive 3D Graphics Workshop, the Computational Geometry Conference, the ACM Multimedia Conference, the Volume Visualization Symposium, UIST: User Interface Software and Technology Conference, and the Solid Modeling Conference. SIGGRAPH works with the organizers of SIGGRAPH-sponsored conferences and coordinates relationships with other conferences, For information, contact Nick England, SIGGRAPH Director at Large.
SIGGRAPH's Publications Committee is responsible for all of SIGGRAPH's publications in print, on CD-ROM, on video, and on-line. The committee is made up of people with skills in editing, writing, and producing various media, and is a great place for someone skilled in these areas to help others learn about computer graphics and interactive techniques. For information, contact Stephen Spencer, SIGGRAPH Director for Publications.
Public Policy
SIGGRAPH's Public Policy Committee provides information on relevant external activities, such as proposed legislation, to SIGGRAPH members and others of the technical community. It also provides education on the implications of technology to the non-technical community. For information. contact Bob Ellis or Judy Brown, Co-Chairs of the Public Policy Committee.
How to Contact SIGGRAPH
You can send email to SIGGRAPH people by addressing them as:
The directors whose names appear here are also members of the Executive Committee. Their contact information is listed on the inside front cover of the Conference Proceedings and in all issues of the Computer Graphics newsletter.
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