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Educators Program
Educators at all levels (K-12 through university) discussed and explored how they teach computer graphics or use computer graphics to teach science, math, the arts, social science, language skills, and history. The Electronic Schoolhouse was a hands-on exhibit area where teachers demonstrated innovative applications of computer graphics.

Educators Lounge

The Educators Lounge, a quiet place to get away from the noise and commotion of the conference, provided a message board and a limited number of computers for Web surfing and idea exchange.

Opening Session
    Using Computer Graphics to Unleash Creativity
in the Classroom
    The K-12 Classroom
    Teaching Science and Mathematics
    Teaching History and Multimedia
    Teaching Fine Arts and Animation
    Teaching Computer Science
    Collaborations in Higher Education
    Reading, Writing, Reload:
New Three Rs for a New Millennium
    P.L.U.N.G.E. Into School
    Where Industry and Academia Meet:
An International Perspective
    Multimedia Boot Camp:
Adventure for the New Millennium
Electronic Schoolhouse
  Interaction   Desktop Publishing:
An Online Distance Learning Course
    University and Industry Partnerships: Creating Multimedia
Solutions to Solve Unique Industry Problems
  Interaction   Moving Mountains:
Using Interactive Graphics to Teach Geography
    Zoom Into the Past:
Illustrating History in Middle School
    Concept Development for Computer Animators

Educators Program Committee

SIGGRAPH 99 Electronic Schoolhouse Call for Participation

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