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Teaching History and Multimedia
Rosalee Wolfe
DePaul University Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality in Education: Irish and American Students on the Virtual Frontier
Casey D. Charvet
University of Texas at Austin

J. Matthew Miller III
Duke University

Jonah Peretti
Isidore Newman School

American and Irish students teach each other about their own respective national histories in a media-rich environment.

Integrating Digital Technology into Classes Through Collaborative Projects: The Making of " Warp & Weft, Might & Magic, Mettle & Motherhood," an Electronic Exploration of Women's History, Colonial Times to 1877
Barbara K. Iverson
Teresa Prados-Torreia

Columbia College Chicago

An interactive CD-ROM and Web site created via a collaboration between a history class and a CD-ROM multimedia production class.

The Art and Science of Multimedia: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Teaching Multimedia at a Liberal Arts College
Naomi Ribner
Wellesley College

Art and computer science students worked in pairs to produce an interactive multimedia project on topics of their choice. The results far exceeded expectations for the excellence of the projects, the motivation of the students, and the impact on the students in their subsequent studies and career paths.

Media Technologies and an Interdisciplinary Approach to Program Design
David J. Keskeys
Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education

Design, philosophy, and implementation of an interdisciplinary, flexible-media, first-degree program developed to equip students with the skills, understanding, and knowledge they need for careers in the rapidly changing media industries.

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