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The K-12 Classroom
Chair Dena Elisabeth Eber
Bowling Green State University

Illinois Chickscope: Using Emerging Technology to Promote Professional Development and Inquiry-Based Learning in the K-12 Classroom

Barbara Mason Fossum
C. Bertram Bruce
Umesh Thakkar
Clinton S. Potter
Daniel E. Weber
Janet Sinn-Hanlon

National Center for Supercomputer Applications

How the Internet is used in the classroom to provide a learning collaboratory where students and teachers explore development of a chicken embryo by evaluating magnetic resonance images.

How to Get Web Presents! Designing a Collaborative K-12 Web Project
June Julian
New York University

Using a world community of old trees as an example, this project presents methods for K-12 teachers and students to design, maintain, and evaluate their own collaborative project for the World Wide Web.

Improving Instruction and Staff Development by Building K-12/University Partnerships
Brian D. Monahan
North Rockland School District

Rodney Zagury
New York Institute of Technology

This partnership has created innovative ways of teaching and learning about the use of graphics in education.

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