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Teaching Computer Science
Jodi Giroux
The Allen-Stevenson School Teaching Computer Graphics with Spreadsheets
Francis T. Marchese
Pace University

Through direct manipulation of numbers, students develop a more concrete understanding of the data they compute from the formulas they derive and use in computer graphics.

Web-Based Teaching of Computer Graphics:
Concepts and Realization of an Interactive Online Course
Reinhard Klein
Frank Hanisch
Wolfgang Strasser

University of Tübingen

Topics within computer graphics still cannot be adequately presented and explored with traditional teaching methodologies and tools. This paper presented concepts, realization, evaluation, and experiences of a computer graphics course that focuses on this proble

Fuse-N: A Platform for Collaborative Pedagogy
Seth Teller
Brandon W. Porter
Nathan D. T. Boyd
Nicholas J. Tornow

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

An instructional, collaborative, Web-based, platform for teaching algorithmic concepts through implementation and verification.


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