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Educators Program
Teaching Fine Arts and Animation
Douglas C. Acheson
Purdue University

CAROL: Students Working on Real-World Projects Empowering Local Cultural Non-Profits

Gordon Goodman
Stephen Jacobs

Rochester Institute of Technology

How the impact of student work has extended far beyond initial Web sites to change the way local museums view and use the Web.

Creative Expression on the Digital Canvas: An Online Digital Art Class
Jeremy Sutton

An online digital art class in which students master and apply digital paint tools to create expressive portraits.

Digital Image/Sound and the Fine Arts: A Double Major with Computer Science
Gregory P. Garvey
Concordia University

A new double major in digital image/sound and the fine arts in conjunction with an option in computer science.

Animation & Special Effects
The Language of Cinema and Traditional Animation in the 3D Computer Animation Classroom
Pamela Turner
Virginia Commonwealth University

Finding a balance between instructing students in new software and addressing conceptual issues can be a challenge, especially in an advanced 3D computer graphics class. The solution can come from identifying where traditional media, especially film and animation, overlap 3D computer graphic animation and where 3D has ³rules² of its own.

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