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Course 8

Theory and Practice of "Tour Into the Picture"

In-depth exposition of a new image-based rendering technique, "Tour Into the Picture" (TIP), which was originally presented at SIGGRAPH 97. This technique gives a unique and powerful GUI for making "visually 3D" animation from a single 2D picture or photograph. The course gave practical and detailed guidance on how to use TIP, along with many animations and real-time demonstrations. The course also focused on theoretical aspects of TIP, including features and applications not discussed in the original paper.

Basic knowledge of 3D computer graphics. Working knowledge of rendering, modeling, and animation helpful. Programming experience using a 3D library useful but not required.

Topics Covered
Basic and practical techniques used in image-based rendering approaches, such as texture/projection mapping and image warping, and a more general and theoretical approach to designing a GUI for image-based rendering.

Ken-ichi Anjyo
Hitachi, Ltd.

Ken-ichi Anjyo
Youichi Horry
Hitachi, Ltd.

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