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Course 41

How to Survive as a Computer Graphics Entrepreneur

Financial independence, individual glory, and taking charge of one's own destiny are common dreams in computer graphics. This course was designed specifically for those individual computer graphics artists, developers, and enthusiasts who might be thinking of starting and operating their own computer graphics business, and asking themselves "Can I survive as a computer graphics entrepreneur?" A small group of entrepreneurs who have launched their own ventures, faced the onslaught of banks, customers, computer vendors and governments, and lived to tell the tale described their own experiences, then opened up the session to questions from budding entrepreneurs.

Aspirations to own a business. Familiarity with what is marketable in computer graphics and how it is priced.

Topics Covered
The risks and demands of starting and operating one's own business, and a plentiful supply of proven survival techniques.

Mark Leon
Forward Edge Technologies

Nancy Collier
Odyssey Productions

David Hamby
The Lightspan Partnership

Mark Leon
Forward Edge Technologies

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