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Course 40
Animation & Special Effects
Compositing in the Digital Film Industry: Case Studies in Film Production

Digital compositing is now a mature tool in today's production pipelines. Through presentations of real-world case studies by top digital artists, attendees saw approaches to solving some of the more difficult problems encountered in recent films and gained valuable understanding of the complex techniques possible with current compositing systems.

Familiarity with 2D imaging and compositing highly recommended. This course was designed for people who want deeper knowledge of the use of compositing tools in today's film production environments.

Topics Covered
The complexities involved in the compositing process; production of top film project scenes, from the initial hand-off of elements to delivery of the final finished scene; how digital artists deal with difficult or tricky scenes; and an introduction to cutting-edge compositing tools and their extensive range of functionality.

Jacki Morie
Blue Sky | VIFX

Richard Hollander
Blue Sky | VIFX

Pam Darley
Neil Okamoto
Todd Scopio

Walt Disney Feature Animation

Jonathan Egstad
Digital Domain

Pablo Helman
Industrial Light & Magic

Richard Hollander
Mary Leitz
Sean McPherson

Blue Sky | VIFX

Aviv Yaron
Tom Wood

Cinesite, LTD.

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