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Course 34
Animation & Special EffectsCAL
3D Computer Animation Workshop

This course was presented in two formats: in a normal course room, and in the CAL. The first 100 attendees who arrived and agreed to participate all day were selected for the CAL. Attendees in the course room who were unable to participate in the CAL presentation on Tuesday did the course exercises in the CAL later.

Introduction to high-end 3D computer animation capabilities. The course was divided into several segments, each consisting of a lecture on specific principles of 3D animation, a demonstration of how those principles are implemented with the software being used, and an extended exercise in which participants who were in the Creative Applications Laboratory (CAL) worked on a short animation which illustrates those principles.

Familiarity with the basic keyboard, mouse, and menu interfaces of computers, but no prior experience with 3D computer animation required.

Topics Covered
Beginning with simple modeling, rendering, and keyframing, participants progressed through more complex techniques: texture mapping, path animation, and inverse kinematics. Participants learned the underlying principles that are shared by all 3D computer animation software packages and how these principles are implemented on one of today's major software packages.

Organizer and Lecturer
Michael O'Rourke
Pratt Institute

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