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Course 31
Cloth and Clothing in Computer Graphics

This course laid the groundwork for understanding cloth and its uses in computer graphics from scientific, artistic, computational and experiential perspectives. After tutorials on modeling and simulating cloth, and on the use of cloth for artistic effect in staging and costuming, it continued with an overview of research on virtual clothing, and on the modeling of woven and knit fabrics. It concluded with a panel involving the presenters and attendees.

The equivalent of courses in 3D computer graphics, calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations. Some artistic background or knowledge of the process of producing computer animation also helpful.

Topics Covered
Background information on finite element and interacting particle simulation methodologies, as well as techniques needed for solving stiff or constrained physical systems. Also, concepts from set and costume design were elaborated.

Donald House
Texas A&M University

David Baraff
Carnegie Mellon University

Bernhard Eberhardt
Wolfgang Strasser
University of Tübingen

Jeffrey Eischen
North Carolina State University

Donald House
Texas A&M University

Marla Schweppe
Rochester Institute of Technology

Nadia Thalmann
University of Geneva

Umakanth Thumrugoti
Walt Disney Feature Animation

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