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Course 29

Developing High-Performance Graphics Applications for the PC Platform

This course explored techniques for optimizing locality of reference, efficient processing of graphics calls through the software/hardware pipeline, efficient use of graphics hardware resources, and software techniques to maximize graphics performance. It reviewed interactions among CPU, accelerator, API, software driver, cache, memory, and bus. Cross-platform PC issues were discussed, including commonality among feature sets, scalability, and choice of graphics API's.

Experience in graphics programming. Understanding of basic computer architecture (memory hierarchy, con-current execution, etc.) helpful. This course was explicitly oriented toward the programmer.

Topics Covered
The essentials of the graphics software and hardware architecture for the PC platform and the programming techniques required to write the highest-performance graphics applications possible.

Michael Cox
MRJ Technology Solutions/NASA Ames Research Center

David Sprague
Intel Corporation

John Danskin
Dynamic Pictures

Rich Ehlers
Evans & Sutherland Computer Corporation

Brian Hook
id Software

Bill Lorensen
General Electric Corporate R&D Center

Gary Tarolli
3Dfx Interactive

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