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Course 28
Synthetic ActorsCAL
Virtual Humans: Behaviors and Physics, Acting and Reacting

This course described the state of the art in interactive, real-time, and networked human motion synthesis and actor behaviors. It demonstrated real-time human animation generated by techniques such as inverse kinematics, dynamics, and video motion capture, and by higher-level approaches such as dynamics and video motion capture, behaviorally scripted agents, personality profiles, and interpersonal and environmental reactivity. Various applications illustrated real-time synthetic humans in virtual prototyping, team tasks, synthetic actors, human-like avatars, language-based interfaces, and dance, tennis, and video motion capture.

Experience in programming with algorithms or VRML useful but not essential.

Topics Covered
Some mathematics background useful in understanding the more advanced control techniques, but all were amply illustrated with working systems.

Norman Badler
University of Pennsylvania

Norman Badler
Dimitris Metaxas

University of Pennsylvania

Armin Bruderlin
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Athomas Goldberg
Ken Perlin

New York University

Nadia Thalmann
University of Geneva

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