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Course 2

Exploring Gigabyte Data Sets in Real Time:
Algorithms, Data Management and Time-Critical Design

Modern data sets arising from computational physics are extremely large and involve complex, difficult-to-exhibit phenomena. "Real-time" interfaces have proven useful for analysis of these data sets, but "real-time" performance has been difficult to achieve with such large amounts of data. This course discussed the issues that arise in real-time interactive visualization of very large (>100 gigabytes) data sets and presented solution strategies that emphasize feature detection and time-critical design that impacts architectures, interfaces, algorithms, and data management.

Familiarity with the basics of scientific visualization and three-dimensional computer graphics.

Topics Covered
Architectures and algorithms for near-real-time interactive visualization, including fast access to data on disk, extraction of interesting features, and time-critical visualization techniques.

Steve Bryson
NASA Ames Research Center

Steve Bryson
NASA Ames Research Center

Michael Cox
MRJ Technology Solutions/NASA Ames Research Center

Bob Haimes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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