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Course 16
Procedural Implicit Techniques for Modeling and Texturing

How to use implicit surfaces to model hands, blend bark, blow smoke, comb fur, trim shrubs and paint dogs. This course covered advanced topics in polygonization, particle systems, constraints, texture mapping, geometric texturing, solid texturing, volumetric modeling, L-systems, procedural modeling, and surface topology.

Familiarity with standard computer graphics modeling and rendering techniques. Prior understanding of the blobby/soft/metaball model, particle systems, penalty method constraints, and procedural texturing techniques is helpful.

Topics Covered
Polygonization of implicit surfaces, particle system modeling and implicit functions, texturing, topology, and grammar-based and volume modeling with procedural techniques and implicit functions.

David Ebert
University of Maryland Baltimore County

John Hart
Washington State University

Jules Bloomenthal
Unchained Geometry

David S. Ebert
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Kurt Fleischer

John Hart
Washington State University

Paul Heckbert
Carnegie Mellon University

Hans Køhling Pedersen
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary

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