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Course 11
Advanced RenderMan: Beyond the Companion

Much of RenderMan's power is due to its flexibility and extensibility, which gives users the ability to customize the system to fit situations not envisioned by the original implementors. This course went beyond the basics presented in The RenderMan Companion and taught advanced tricks and techniques that are being used (or should be) in late-1990's special effects production. It examined examples of successful animations that made extensive use of RenderMan's features, particularly its Shading Language.

Thorough knowledge of 3D image synthesis and computer graphics illumination models, and previous experience with the RenderMan Shading Language. Students should be facile in C. Not for those with weak stomachs for examining code.

Topics Covered
Modern methods of generating geometric data and handling geometric complexity, advanced Shading Language techniques, and antialiasing of shaders. Case studies included discussions of volumetric rendering, realistic lighting, and issues of integration with other CGI tools.

Tony Apodaca

Tony Apodaca
Ronen Barzel
Larry Gritz

Antoine Durr
Blue Sky | VIFX

Clint Hanson
Sony Pictures Imageworks

Scott Johnston
Fleeting Image Animation

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