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Course 10
Synthetic Actors
Hardcore AI for Computer Games and Animation

Using ideas and techniques from cognitive robotics that are completely new to the computer graphics community, this tutorial imparted a basic understanding of the key issues associated with building intelligent characters for computer games and animation. In particular, within the concrete and intuitive framework of the situation calculus, it provided an in-depth survey of solutions to important knowledge-representation problems that arise in computer games and animation. It then proceeded to more advanced topics such as incorporating sensing, planning, and reactive behaviors. The tutorial concluded with a detailed look at new work on problems in cinematography, computer games, and behavioral animation.

This tutorial was self-contained, but a degree of mathematical maturity was assumed. A big advantage: knowledge of programming, computer games, computer animation, or AI.

Topics Covered
The situation calculus, logic programming, possible worlds semantics, using interval arithmetic to handle uncertainty, non-deterministic specification of programs, and logical approaches to control.

Organizer and Lecturer
John Funge
Intel Corporation

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