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Interactive Dance Club
The SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club was a multi-participant interactive environment with real-time computer-generated imagery, lighting, and video, synchronized to dance club music (acid jazz, tribal, ambient, drum & bass).

Instead of dancing to prerecorded music and images, or passively watching a performance, members of the audience became participants.

Within interactive zones located throughout the club, participants influenced music, lighting, projected computer graphics images, and video. There were zones for single participants, dual participants and groups of participants. Like sections in an orchestra, output from the interactive zones combined with a pre-defined basic rhythm to form the overall performance. Moving from zone to zone, participants experienced different blends of musical and visual elements.

A sophisticated system of hardware and software kept all the zones in sync while analyzing and filtering participant input, in order to deliver a musically coherent and visually satisfying experience. Feedback to the participants was designed to be immediate and responsive.


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