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The SIGGRAPH 98 Career Center provided the following services:

  Résumés were posted.

  Résumés were distributed to interested companies, if copies were provided.

  Job openings were posted.

  Copies of job openings were available.

  Interview scheduling was offered.

  Career mentoring services were offered.

  A CD-ROM of résumés was available for purchase.

Job Seeker Services

All registered attendees were eligible to post a résumé in the Career Center. Résumés were posted in one of three categories:

1. Art. Film/Video/Animator, Graphic/Fine Artist, and Multimedia

2. Science. Engineer, Scientist/Researcher, and Software Developer/Analyst

3. Other. Educator and Other

Job seekers had the opportunity to "drop off" their résumés for the Career Center staff to give to a specific company. This service was only offered for companies that agreed to accept résumés. Career Center staff also assisted in scheduling interviews with prospective employers. Through the Career Center's Career Mentoring Services, volunteers from the SIGGRAPH committees were available to discuss the current job situation in the computer graphics industry, job descriptions and responsibilities, and how to approach prospective employers.

Questions? Contact SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Management at +1.312.321.6830 or

Employer Services

Career Center job posting services were provided for SIGGRAPH 98 exhibitors free of charge and to non-exhibitors for a $500 service fee.

SIGGRAPH 98 attendees had the opportunity to review job postings and request the Career Center staff to forward their résumé to specific companies. This service was only offered for companies that agreed to accept résumés

Interview rooms were available for companies to schedule up to two hours of time to interview potential employees. A VHS VCR and monitor were available in each interview room to view demo tapes during interviews.

Questions? Contact SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Management at +1.312.321.6830 or

Job Fair

Job Fair Floorplan       Job Fair Participants

In a relaxed, informal setting, job seekers explored how their skills and experience match current job openings at participating companies. All registered SIGGRAPH 98 attendees were welcome to attend. A list of participating companies was posted as they registered.

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