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Creative Applications Lab
The collaborative center of SIGGRAPH 98, where attendees explored the ideas, concepts, and technologies presented in Papers, Panels, Courses, Sketches, Art Gallery: Touchware, and the Computer Animation Festival. CAL merged art, science, and engineering to create the "Wow!" of SIGGRAPH 98.
Guerilla Gallery

Guerilla Gallery was an exciting digital studio where art could be created and printed using the latest technologies. It fostered unique collaborations among scientists, artists, and educators.

Art Gallery: Touchware VRML-Based Interactive Art
Chuck Csuri
Computer Animation Festival Kazematsuri
Yasuo Ohba
Papers Efficiently Using Graphics Hardware in Volume Rendering Applications

A Beam Tracing Approach to Acoustic Modeling for Interactive Virtual Environments

Non-Distorted Texture Mapping For Sheared Triangulated Meshes

The Office of the Future: A Unified Approach to Image-Based Modeling and Spatially Immersive Displays

A Distributed 3D Graphics Library

Panels Listen Up! Real-Time Auditory Interfaces for the Real World
Courses 1. Physical Interaction: The Nuts and Bolts of Using Touch Interfaces with Computer Graphics Applications

7. A Visual Introduction to OpenGL Programming

17. Advanced Graphics Programming Techniques Using OpenGL

19. Beyond Bottlenecks and Roadblocks: Internetworked 3D Computer Graphics

20. Real-Time Graphics for Visual Simulation: Advanced Techniques from the Top Down

28. Virtual Humans: Behaviors and Physics, Acting and Reacting

34. 3D Computer Animation Workshop

35. Interactive Visualization and Web Exploration in the Physical and Natural Sciences

Sketches Interactive Poem

Designing with Words: a Model for a Design Language in a MOO

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SIGGRAPH 99 Creative Applications Lab Call for Participation

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