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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are for attendees who think and work in similar technologies and environments. Special Interest Groups are open to all attendees. They are usually informal. At some, general subjects are discussed; others convene around topics related to specific product vendors.

Birds of a Feather meeting sare impromptu gatherings. They can be scheduled at any time, to discuss any subject.

Alias | Wavefront User Group


VRML Humanoid Animation Working Group

Advanced Visual Systems User Group Meeting

3D Benchmarking

Ozone Computer Art Festival

How to Start a SIGGRAPH Professional Chapter

Massively Parallel Rendering SIG

SIG on Digital Media Production Management Frameworks

SIGGRAPH Get Involved Meet the SIGGRAPH 99 Committee and Executive Committee

Venezuelan Birds of a Feather

SIGGRAPH Business Meeting

Java 3D and Java Media

Ozone Computer Art Festival

Tokyo ACM/SIGGRAPH Reception

VRML99 Planning Meeting

SIGGRAPH Professional Chapters Annual Business Meeting

GPC Press Conference

Carto Project Birds of a Feather

Open Inventor SIG

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Meetings

VRML Database/Enterprise Technology Working Group Meeting

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - Art

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - Computer Science

SIGGRAPH Education Committee Breakout - K-12

RenderMan Users Group

Reunião dos Brasileiros

Ohio State Alumni Reception

Ozone Computer Art Festival

Stony Brook CVC - Georgia Tech GVU - NYU MRL Reunion

UNC Chapel Hill Graphics Reunion

Fraunhofer CRCG

Computer Graphics Pioneers

Cavernus SIG


Amapi 3D Modeler

SIGGRAPH T-Shirt Contest

Instructional Applets for Teaching Graphics

SIGGRAPH Public Policy SIG Meeting

Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA)

SCAP Reception

Visualization Toolkit User's Group

TVCG Editorial Board Meeting

Ray Tracing Roundtable


International Color Consortium

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