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Judy Malloy

Judy Malloy is a writer of hyper-narrative and an information artist. Her hyper-narratives, including Its name was Penelope, Forward Anywhere (with Cathy Marshall); l0ve0ne, and the Roar of Destiny, have been published, shown, and reviewed internationally.

In a recent issue of Modern Fiction Studies (MFS), Jaishree K. Odin writes that "Malloy uses the fluidity of the hypertextual medium to create a poetic text, which, in spite of its fragmentation and discontinuity, leads to a reading experience that is very satisfying because it allows the reader greater creativity as to the form the reading will take... In Malloy's text, the visual is transformed into the verbal. The border between text and image dissolves, and image becomes the text."

Judy Malloy has been Editor of Leonardo Electronic News and an artist in residence at Xerox PARC. She has taught Web design at the San Francisco Art Institute, and she currently works on the Internet as Arts Wire's Network Coordinator.


I looked for an understanding of the Internet as a public art space, an understanding of the Web's hypertextual capabilities, content, depth, innovation, and impact, both visual and verbal. I viewed the sites on three separate computers: my home laptop, my local library's Internet access machine, and a college media lab. Since I believe that Web sites are a form of public art that should be accessible, if submitted projects did not run on any of these platforms, I voted no.

  Annick Bureaud

Annick Bureaud, works and lives in Paris. Consultant in electronic art. Editor of the IDEA/International Directory of Electronic Arts and IDEA online ( Freelance art critic. Member of the Editorial Board of Leonardo, adviser and collaborator to OLATS/Leonardo Observatory for the Arts and the Techno-Sciences ( Independent curator. Lecturer at the art school of Aix-en-Provence.

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