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Art Gallery: Touchware
This milestone exhibition chronicled 25 years of computer art from early algorithmic drawings and paintings to modeled figurers and "pebble strings" by pioneering computer artists. Artistic insights revealed the simultaneity of touch and sensory experience and the ephemeral experience of being in touch electronically via the Internet. Artworks included digital paintings, drawings, and photographs; interactive installations; teleperformance projects; ARTSITE Web-based creations; and work by some of the earliest pioneers of computer art.

Gallery Talks

Digital Imagery,
Part 1

Chair: Introduction to the SIGGRAPH 98 Art Show Gallery Talks
James Faure Walker
University of Central England

Victor Acevedo
School of Visual Arts - New York City

Marjorie David
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Hans E. Dehlinger
University of Kassel

Leslie Nobler Farber
William Paterson University

Kenneth A. Huff

Ying Tan
University of Oregon

Anna Ursyn
University of Northern Colorado
Digital Imagery, Part 2

James Faure Walker
University of Central England

Thomas Esser
Wasburn University of Topeka

Monique Genton

Madge Gleeson
Western Washington University

Naomi Ribner
Wellesley College

Jim Rose
Clarion University

Anna Ullrich
Notre Dame University

James Faure Walker
University of Central England

Interactive Installation Art,
Part 1

Myron Krueger

Elaine Brechin
Interval Research Corporation

Hiroshi Matoba
NEC Corporation

Kevin and Jennifer McCoy
The City College of New York

Keith Roberson
Florida State University

George Roland
Allegheny College

Joel Slayton
The CADRE Institute

David Small
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Interactive Installation Art, Part 2

Josephine Anstey
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rebecca Allen
University of California at Los Angeles

Maurice Benayoun
Université de Paris 1 / Z.A Production

Troy Innocent

Tammy Knipp
Florida Atlantic University

Muriel Magent
Arizona State University

Paul Sermon
HGB Kunst Hochschule

Paul Vanouse
Studio for Creative Inquiry

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