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Digital Campfire  

Behind every significant innovation in computer graphics, there is a great story. The Digital Campfire was an intimate storytelling program that provided a context for sharing the legend, lore, and anecdote of computer graphics, the funny stories and classic tales behind some of our most important discoveries and innovations.

The first campfire session of each day lasted 1.25 hours. The remaining sessions lasted 45 minutes each. The last session of each day was an open forum where anyone who had a story to tell on the following topics could drop by and tell a story or two:

Anyone who was at the first SIGGRAPH Conference was invited to tell a story about what happened in 1974.

Great Moments in SIGGRAPH
Did you ever get a standing ovation? Remember the papers that caused the biggest sensations? Speakers and attendees shared their memorable SIGGRAPH moments.

Great Napkins of Computer Graphics
Some of the greatest ideas and discoveries started out as doodles on napkins or note pads. Innovators displayed and described their doodles or sketches that ended up in a SIGGRAPH course, paper, panel, or other presentation.

Celia Pearce
Celia Pearce & Friends

Roger Wilson

School Daze: Academic Generations
University of Utah Generations
Robert Schumacker
Ed Catmull
Rich Reisenfeld
Jim Kajiya
Robert McDermott
MIT Generations
Rebecca Allen
Carl & Wilma Machover
Steve Benton
University of Illinois, Chicago Generations
Dan Sandin
Clark Dodsworth
Larry Leske
Sumit Das
New York Institute of Technology Generations
Alvy Ray Smith
Ed Catmull
Rebecca Allen
Lance williams
Robert McDermott
Alexander Schure
David Geshwind
Paul Heckbert
Open Session: The First SIGGRAPH
Ed Catmull
Jim Blinn
Larry Lam
James Foley
Tron Generations
Bill Kovaks
Roger Wilson

(additional speakers to be announced)
Ancestry of Virtual Humans
Jeff Kleiser
Mike McKenna
Steve Tice
Fred Parke
David Addleman
Steve di Paola
Digital Architecture
Bill Kovacs
Walt Bransford
Sylvan Chasen
Jack Bresenham
Nick Weingarten
Pioneer Women
Alyce Branum
Sherry McKenna
Rose Duignan
Lillian Schwartz
Pauline Ts'o
Alyce Kaprow
Open Session: Great Moments at SIGGRAPH
Loren Carpenter
Chuck Csuri
GUI Generations
Andries Van Dam
(Additional speakers to be announced)
Virtual Realities
Ken Perlin
Michael Harris
David Geshwin

(Additional speakers to be announced)
Fun & Games
(Speakers to be announced)
The Cutting Edge
email from Billy Kluver
Myron Krueger
Ken Knowlton
Andrew Glassner
Open Session: Great Napkins of Computer Graphics
Nick England

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