Venue: All
Job: Student Volunteer
Contact: Team Leader as assigned per venue, or always, the SV Chair
Duties: Student Volunteers are all, regardless of venue, expected to be professional, motivated, and take the initiative to meet all venue, committee member, and team leader needs as necessary. Students must check into the student volunteer office 15 minutes prior to each shift so that attendance can be taken, job duties reviewed, and Team Leaders can escort them to their respective sites. Students are not allowed to leave a venue until a Team Leader has relieved them. In the event that a student has back-to-back job assignments, they are not to leave the first one early to get to the second one, they are to wait to be relieved and then escorted or forwarded to the 2nd shift. Student Volunteers must review and be familiar with the job duties assigned to them per shift prior to working that shift, as well as the convention center layout so that they may aid attendees with questions, directions, and know where their assigned shifts will be. Students must carry with them, and be familiar with, the conference locator, as they will be asked by many attendees for directions and times of conference events. Volunteers are responsible for checking into the student volunteer office, room 209 A/B, as often as possible, at least once a day, to check the office board for announcements, directions, and information on office hours as well as give-aways and other events that will be going on all week long. Volunteers are responsible for any duty or instructions as assigned during the week, as well as to let your Team Leader or Chair know of any problems or conflicts you have so that they might be resolved as soon as possible. For many attendees, volunteers are their first point of one-on-one human contact during the week. With this in mind, all volunteers must be prepared, professional, and as helpful as possible, doing whatever it takes to make this function function. Student Volunteers are not security guards, while they must be vigilant in duty, any serious situations or conflicts should be immediately reported to a Team Leader, Conference Chair, or Convention Center Security Guard. Any position is subject to reassignment as need be. Every volunteer has the responsibility to serve the attendee and volunteer their assistance before it is asked of them in any situation.
Perks: The Student Volunteers as a whole are a fascinating group of people. From beginners, novices and right on up to PhD's the variety, talent, backgrounds, and enthusiasm of your peers will make many of you personal and professional allies for years to come.

Venue: All
Job: Team Leader
Contact: SV Chair
Duties: Team Leaders are responsible for the management of the student volunteers in their assigned venue for the duration of their shift. They are responsible to train and inform the sv's as to their required job duties. Team Leaders will collect the sv's 15 minutes prior to their assigned shifts, escort them from the sv office to their job site, and supervise them for the duration of their duty. Team Leaders will collect the sv's once their shift is over and return them to the office where they will be dismissed. Team Leaders take attendance and fill out performance evaluations on each volunteer for each shift the volunteer works. Team Leaders are also responsible to tend to any volunteer or committee member need or request during the conference, not just during assigned shifts. Team Leaders are expected to set an example for the rest of the volunteers, to guide and instruct volunteers, be able to take the place of any volunteer when needed, and any other duty as assigned during, or prior to the conference.
Perks: None really, this is a demanding thankless job.