Venue: Panels
Job: Door Monitors
Contact: TL: Celia Pearce
SV: Team Leader on duty: xxxx
Duties: The primary role for this job is to greet the attendees attending the panel.

Attendees with the following badges are allowed to enter the coures

  • Access Passport
  • Committee Badges
  • Full Conference
  • Guest
  • Media
Recording equipment of any kind is NOT ALLOWED in the meeting room - this includes cameras, tape recorders, video recorders of all kinds.

Also may be asked to answer questions or possibly to run errands.

Policy on Children: If a child is wearable meaning they do not walk, the parent must have the child in a sugglie, backpack, etc. The child cannot be carried nor can they be in a stroller. If the child becomes fussy the parent must leave immediately or you will have to ask them to leave quietly. For problems with uncooperative parents, contact the conference management office.
Perks: Possibility of meeting interesting people presenting papers.