Venue: International Center
Job: Hospitality and Language Interpretation/Translation
Contact: Team Leaders: Linda Hersom or James Scidmore
SV's: Team Leader on duty: xxxx
Duties: When the volunteer arrives, he/she will get a yellow vest and velcro flag indicating their language fluency. From that moment on they will be host/hostess in the international enter (IC) and corridor in front of the IC. They will answer questions in English or otherwise - whatever their capability. They will also keep the IC neat and orderly, place paper cups in waste baskets, place international newspapers on the library rods, straighten shelves containing brochures, answer phones, keep decorative flags neat and orderly, and anything else assigned. They should be friendly, approachable, and have a positive attitude.
Perks: The volunteer will become acquainted with over 5,000 international attendees. They will be invited to the International Reception but the services may be needed during the reception on Sunday 6-8 pm. The reception is at the Peabody Hotel across the street from the convention center.