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SIGGRAPH 98 Slide Production Services

SIGGRAPH 98 has contracted with AVW Audio Visual, Inc. for the imaging of 35mm slides prior to the conference. AVW can accept slide information on Macintosh and PC diskettes, Zip disks and via email. Slides are rendered at 4,000 lines of resolution in 24-bit color and mounted in Wess #AHX002 glassless, pin-registered mounts. This service is provided free of charge to all SIGGRAPH 98 speakers who wish to use it, under the following provisions:
SIGGRAPH 98 speakers are allowed to submit a maximum of 35 slides per hour of presentation.

The deadline for slide submissions to AVW is 10 July, 1998. Submissions after 10 July and before 16 July will be available for pickup in the Speaker Prep Room when you check in.

In order to have your slides produced free of charge, you must submit your slide presentation files before 16 July, 1998. If you need slides produced after the deadline, the cost to you will be $15.00 per slide. The Speaker Prep Room staff will assist you in getting your slides imaged by a local Orlando photo lab.

Presentation applications include:

Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Microsoft PowerPoint
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Slide submissions must be accompanied by a completed Speaker's Slide Submission Form. If you are presenting in multiple sessions, please use a different Speaker's Slide Submission Form for each session. SIGGRAPH 98 will only pay for slides submitted by speakers who have been specified by the chairs of the Courses, Papers, Panels, Educators Program, and Sketches sessions. Please keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying for any slides submitted over the 35-per-hour limit and/or past the submission deadline.

Finished 35mm slides will be returned by UPS GroundTrac service. Speakers requiring next-day or second-day air service (FedEx or UPS) may provide account numbers or accept the packages C.O.D. for the shipping expense. SIGGRAPH 98 will not pay for express delivery.

Emergency slide-making services at the conference are available through local slide-imaging labs. However, contributors requiring slides produced onsite will bear the cost of the production. Computers are available in the Speaker Prep Room if you need to create or edit electronic presentations after you arrive at the conference.

For more information during SIGGRAPH 98, contact Steve Overby in the Speaker Prep Room (room 232) at the Orange County Convention Center. Prior to the conference:

Steve Overby
SIGGRAPH 98 Speaker Prep Coordinator
AVW Audio Visual, Inc.
4201 South Congress, Suite 316
Austin, Texas 78745 USA
+1.512.371.0214 fax

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