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SIGGRAPH 98 Insurance Coverage

All contributor equipment brought to the Orange County Convention Center is insured by SIGGRAPH 98. This insurance covers (but is not limited to):
Donated equipment
Equipment brought by contributors
Personal equipment that your bring to the convention center

The conference insurance covers equipment only from the time it enters the convention center to the time it leaves the convention center. Our insurance does not cover any equipment in transit to or from the convention center.


To insure equipment, it must be reported in the following format:

Model/model number
Replacement value
The above list should ideally be provided on the equipment owner's company letterhead.

Certificates of Insurance

If you require a certificate of insurance, please submit your request when you submit your equipment list.


All equipment lists must be submitted to Jennifer Anderson by 26 June 1998.

Jennifer Anderson
SIGGRAPH Conference Administration
Capstone Management Group, Inc.
5475 Mark Dabling Blvd., Suite 100
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80918 USA
Minor updates will be accepted after this date, but Jennifer must have the bulk of your insured pieces by 26 June.


If something happens to any of your equipment onsite, you must notify conference management immediately and get a police report for insurance purposes.

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