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The SIGGRAPH conference is the premier forum for the latest and greatest research findings in computer graphics and interactive techniques. SIGGRAPH papers are published as an issue of the Computer Graphics Annual Conference series, which is regularly read and cited throughout the field. Papers are submitted for review by a committee of world-renowned experts in computer graphics. Each accepted paper is presented by the author(s) during the technical papers session. If you have new and exciting results that you want to share with the rest of the world, this is the place to do it.

Michael F. Cohen
SIGGRAPH 98 Papers Chair
Microsoft Research


The deadline for print and/or video papers sent from locations in North America was 14 January 1998.

The deadline for print and/or video papers sent from locations outside North America was 16 January 1998.

Accepted Papers

After a paper is accepted, there is a lot of work for authors to do!

Authors of accepted papers must prepare camera-ready versions of their papers (or abstracts, for video papers) in ACM standard format for publication in the Conference Proceedings. SIGGRAPH 98 will produce a CD-ROM of all the accepted papers, so they must also be prepared in electronic form. Formatting guidelines will be sent to authors by the SIGGRAPH Director for Publications. Camera-ready and electronic versions of accepted papers must be received by 22 April 1998.

Authors and their employers, with the exception of U.S. government employees, must be prepared to sign a copyright transfer form before the paper is published. The ACM copyright procedures provide in part: "It is a policy of ACM to own the copyright on its technical publications to protect the interests of ACM, its authors, their employers, and at the same time to facilitate the appropriate reuse of this material by others."

Video illustrations will be considered part of the paper and may be published in the Conference Proceedings video supplement, the SIGGRAPH Video Review, and/or the SIGGRAPH 98 Conference Proceedings CD-ROM.

Information for Preparation of Video Submissions

At the Conference
The author(s) of each accepted paper will have approximately 25 minutes (depending on the length of the paper) to present the paper. For information on how to prepare a quality presentation and on the presentation equipment available at the conference, see Speaker Preparation. SIGGRAPH 98 offers unprecedented latitude for authors to enhance their presentations through a high degree of audience and off-site interaction.

Contributor Recognition
A summary of what you will receive if your work is accepted by SIGGRAPH 98.

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