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Are you an expert practitioner in an area of computer graphics, with your own vision of how to communicate that expertise to others? Then share that vision by proposing a course for SIGGRAPH 98!

During the first half of the week at the annual SIGGRAPH Conference, the focus is on formal instruction. Typically, 35-40 courses cover an immense range and depth of topics, some traditional and many leading-edge. The most expert practitioners in computer graphics present SIGGRAPH conference courses, employing the latest computer graphics techniques. Every SIGGRAPH course is supported by Course Notes that attendees may refer to after the conference. SIGGRAPH 98 welcomes your ideas for courses relating to any area of computer graphics and interactive techniques.

Harry F. Smith
SIGGRAPH 98 Courses Chair
University of North Carolina


The deadline for course proposals was 3 December 1997

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