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Interactive Dance Club
Imagine a dance club where instead of being just slaves to the rhythm, members of the audience can influence the music, lighting, and visuals. The SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club is a demonstration of how music and visual media are converging into a new form of interactive entertainment.

It will be a place at SIGGRAPH 98 to let loose, dance, and play!

What will the collective mind of you and others at the SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club create? There's only one way to find out.

See you there!

Ryan Ulyate
SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club Producer


The deadline for submissions was
4 February 1998

Review Process
The quality of your proposal will be a factor in acceptance.

Creative pieces, software, and equipment will be chosen by the Dance Club Producer and jury. Creative work will be chosen based on innovation, quality, professionalism, and appropriateness for the overall aesthetic of the club. Hardware and software will be selected based on need and appropriateness.

Upon Acceptance
Audio or Graphics Files

Contributors of audio or graphics files may be asked to provide information about their work for publication. They may be asked to provide additional copies of the submitted work if necessary.

Alternative MIDI Controllers

1. Contributors whose work is selected will be asked to provide more detailed information about their devices prior to the conference.

2. Contributors of selected alternative MIDI controllers must arrive at SIGGRAPH 98 with all the necessary eqipment and staff and have this equipment fully installed and functional by Sunday, 19 July 1998. You must coordinate the arrival of all equipment at the Orange County Convention Center. You must accept responsibility for travel and lodging of all persons necessary to set up, operate, and dismantle the device.

3. Contributors are responsible for insuring, shipping, installing, operating, and dismantling their alternative MIDI controllers. Contributors are responsible for all personal expenses (travel, food, lodging etc).

4. SIGGRAPH 98 will insure all equipment selected for the Interactive Dance Club while it is in the Orange County Convention Center

All contributors to the SIGGRAPH 98 Interactive Dance Club must guarantee that thy are legally authorized to submit such work and materials for presentation, use, and publication.

Contributor Recognition
Contributors whose work is accepted will receive an Exhibits Plus Pass and acknowledgement in appropriate publications and signage.

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