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Creative Applications Lab:
The Petting Zoo
CAL is the place where SIGGRAPH 98 attendees can personally experience the technology they've just learned about in other programs and events. Designed for hands-on use, CAL is an open area with a variety of computers on which the SIGGRAPH 98 contributors can install their materials for attendees' experimentation and enjoyment.

Garry M. Paxinos
SIGGRAPH 98 Creative Applications Lab Chair
Metro Link Incorporated
4711 North Powerline Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309 USA
+1.954.938.0283 x414
+1.954.938.1982 fax


The deadline for submissions was
1 April 1998.

CAL supports other programs and events such as Papers, Panels, Courses, and Sketches by letting attendees apply their new knowledge and ideas. It is a place where panelists and artists can interact with attendees on an individual basis. CAL also provides network connections for contributors and attendees who want to make use of their own computers and equipment

CAL is the unique spot where art and science converge with active attendee participation to generate the "Wow!" of SIGGRAPH 98.

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