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Every four years we observe leap year, the winter Olympics, a doubling of processor speed, a new SIGGRAPH organization chair, and the death of yet another graphics production company. We also see the finest minds in computer graphics assembled for an hour and a half to blow their collective talent on the SIGGRAPH Bowl, a quiz show that tests the knowledge of teams of three individuals on a variety of computer graphics topics and trivia.

John C. Hart
SIGGRAPH Bowl III Chief Flunky
Washington State University


1 April 1998

Put your knowledge and expertise to the test. Find two friends who don't have anything better to do and form a team to compete in the SIGGRAPH Bowl at SIGGRAPH 98. No friends? Consider submitting one or more questions for the competition.

Teams typically consist of three members currently at, or alumni of, the same institution or company, although more creative groupings are also encouraged.

My mandrill keeps grinning and laughin'
Cause my fence cannot keep my giraffes in
They smell like old cheese
And drink when they please
Right out of my prize bowl SIGGRAPHian

Andrew Glassner
Near Winner


Each competitor receives a complimentary "last meal" before going into battle. Members of the winning team each receive an engraved teapot. The rest receive a handshake.

Email your proposal for a team and/or quiz questions to:

John C. Hart
SIGGRAPH Bowl III Chief Flunky

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