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Art Gallery: Touchware
The SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery will focus on issues of touch in the image, the responsiveness of an artwork through the sense of touch, or the ephemeral sensation of touch in VR, the Internet, or telecommunications artworks. Artists are challenged to probe the simultaneity of touch as sensory experience, emotional experience, or the ephemeral experience of being in touch electronically.

Innovate strategies for engaging the viewer through the sense of touch. Explore issues of touch in the electronic or printed image, touch-based responsive interfaces, or extension of our experience of physicality through the Internet. This exhibition will highlight the contemporary aesthetic of the electronic image: visual image, interactive image, animated image, virtual image, Web image, and telecommunicated image.

Along with the creative spirit of emerging artists whose work illuminates trajectories to the future of arts, the SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery will include a retrospective of significant pioneering electronic art.

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago



The deadline for Critical Essays was 3 December 1997.

The deadline for Artworks was
14 January 1998.

We thank you for your submissions. If you submitted your work to the Art Gallery, you should have already received verification that your submission was received and is being processed. If you have not heard from us, please email us at IMMEDIATELY.

Upon Acceptance

Artists are responsible for providing their own equipment for the exhibiton.

Artists are responsible for installing interactive and computer-based projects.

Artists are responsible for maintaining projects during the conference.

Artists are encouraged to obtain support from their universities and companies. In addition, they should contact their local Arts Councils and cultural organizations for support.

SIGGRAPH 98 will supply a limited amount of shipping support on a resource-available basis. Contributors should work with program chairs to coordinate shipping requirements and available support.

Artists are encouraged to prepare a brief presentation of their work, discussing the issues and processes involved.

Artists must provide adequate operational and technical support personnel to maintain full operation of their project for five full days.

Projects must be dismantled and removed from the center after 5 pm on Friday, 24 July 1998.

Artists accept responsibility for travel and lodging for all persons participating in their project.

Contributor Recognition

A summary of what you will receive now that your work has been accepted by SIGGRAPH 98.

Materials We Need For Conference Documentation

In order to document your submission in the SIGGRAPH 98 print and electronic publications, we must receive certain materials from you. It is your responsibility to provide material in a timely and orderly manner to SIGGRAPH 98.

Your submission will be documented in the Electronic Art and Animation Catalog. This publication consists of a printed book and an accompanying CD-ROM.

What We Need:

The materials we will need from you to accurately document your submission are:


Digital text which describes your submission as you would like it to appear in print. PLEASE NOTE: What you submit will be printed. For example, do not include your name or contact information if you do not wish it to be printed. This publication is produced on a Power Macintosh; please try to send us text which is compatible with this platform. ASCII text without formatting is best, as the text will be edited and placed in a page layout program.


If you are submitting images over and above those included with your submission, we prefer to receive images as 35mm slides; they provide our best opportunity to accurately reproduce your visual content. Photographic prints and transparencies are acceptable, as are digital images. Polaroid prints are not acceptable except as a last resort.

If digital images are submitted, they should conform to the following guidelines:

at least 300 dpi at 4" by 5"

pixel resolution of at least 1200 by 1500

TIFF or EPS formats, no compression, Macintosh or PC platform

GIF and JPEG are not acceptable formats

Screen captures should be made on as large a display monitor as possible, to ensure acceptable image resolution.

Where To Send It:


Text for your submission should be sent via e-mail to:

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Images may be sent by courier or postal service to the following address:

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
112 South Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinios 60603 USA

Images may also be uploaded to "" via anonymous FTP to the following URL:

use "anonymous" as the username and your e-mail address as the password

make sure you use "binary" mode to transfer any image files.

label your files clearly and uniquely, using your full name as part of the filename:


notify us that you have uploaded files to this directory at:

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Text and images as described above need to be sent on or before 16 February 1998.

NOTE: If you are interested in submitting supplemental material to be documented in the CD-ROM only, (this could include; additional images, multimedia projects, QuickTime or MPEG animations, applications, sounds, source code, etc.), please contact Stephen Spencer at for separate deadlines, and complete instructions toformat and send your supplemental material. Supplemental material is optional, though strongly encouraged.

Further Information

If you have questions regarding this document or your responsibilities as a contributor to the SIGGRAPH 98 conference, please contact:

Joan Truckenbrod
SIGGRAPH 98 Art Gallery Chair
School of the Art Institute of Chicago

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