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25th Conference Celebration
Computer graphics has moved from "being a cure for no known disease" to "being a cure for every known disease."

The 25th SIGGRAPH conference will showcase the progress of SIGGRAPH and computer graphics, and their influence on technology, society, business, applications, education, and aesthetics.

The history of computer graphics is fun! Commemorative aspects will thread through most SIGGRAPH 98 programs and events. Be a part of the fun! Do you have a proposal for specific exhibits, functions, publications or sessions? Send it in!

SIGGRAPH 98 plans to mount exhibits of historic artifacts (devices, documents, conference trinkets, clothing, and publications). Is it time to clean out your store room and file cabinets?

Submit your ideas or let us know if you have something to donate or loan for exhibition at the conference. We plan to accumulate these experiences to share with SIGGRAPH 98 attendees.

Carl Machover
SIGGRAPH 98 History Chair
Machover Associates Corporation


The deadline for proposals was
18 March 1998.

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