Online Panels Available on SIGGRAPH 97 Web Site

For Immediate Release
22 April 1997

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Beginning 5 May 1997, SIGGRAPH 97 will offer at least four online Panels for pre-conference discussion on the SIGGRAPH 97 Web site (

Online Panel highlights:

Putting a Human Face on Cyberspace: Designing Avatars and the Virtual Worlds They Live In
Organizer: Bruce Damer, Contact Consortium
Panelists: Steve DiPaola, OnLive! Technologies; Ioannis Paniaras, University of Art and Design; Kirk Parsons, Black Sun Interactive; Bernie Roel, University of Waterlo;, Moses Ma, Internet Game Inc.

Panelists describe the technologies underlying avatars, design tools for approaches to building avatars and the worlds they lie in, and the psychological relationship between users and their avatars. The discussion features live interaction with multi-user avatar worlds.

Sounding Off on Audio: The Future of Internet Sound
Organizer: Paul Godwin, New Dog Music
Panelists: James Grunke, OnLive! Technologies; Eythor Arnalds, Oz Interactive Inc.; William Martens, University Aizu; Tim Cole, SSEYO Ltd.

"What's up, what's next, and why?" This is a rare opportunity to join the leading developers in defining and understanding the issues and effects of music and audio on the Internet. Following presentations from several Net audio pioneers, the session evolves into an active discussion between the panelists and the audience.

Motion Capture and CG Character Animation
Organizer: Gordon Cameron, Softimage, Inc.
Panelists: Andre Bustanoby, Digital Domain; Steph Greenberg, Independent Animator; Olivier Ozoux, Softimage, Inc.; Craig Hayes, Tippett Studios; Ken Cope, GameTek

The panel focuses on the application and value of the many forms of motion-capture technology in CG character animation: full-body motion capture systems, digital and stop-motion armatures, and other real-time physical input media.

Medical Illustration & Visualization: Why Do We Use CG and Does It Really Make a Difference in Creating Meaningful Images?
Organizer: Virginia McArthur, Engineering Animation Inc.
Panelists: Jane Hurd, Medical Illustrator; Marsha Jessup, Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; Casey Herbert, Flying Foto Factory; Pat Lynch, Yale University School of Medicine

With access to high-end 3D animation technology and development tools for creating interactive and simulation products, medical illustrators can create a greater variety of visual solutions than they can with traditional art media. This roundtable discussion promotes critique and evaluation of how computer graphics has made a difference in presenting visual information.

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