SIGGRAPH 97, World's Largest Computer Graphics Conference and Exhibition, Draws 48,700 to Los Angeles

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7 July 1997

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Los Angeles, CA -- SIGGRAPH 97 broke previous conference attendance records by bringing 48,700 to its week-long conference in Los Angeles, 3-8 August 1997. SIGGRAPH 97, the world's largest, most prestigious conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The next wave of digital technology was presented through a comprehensive technical program, three-day exhibition, and special activities focusing on art, animation, and interactivity.

Bran Ferren, Executive Vice President for Creative Technology and Research & Development at Walt Disney Imagineering, presented the keynote address: "Storytelling: The World's Oldest Profession." Regarding the future of the Internet, Ferren stated, "Every time a technology has been introduced that allows one or more people to do better or more compelling storytelling, like language or writing...or what the computer will be, it has changed the course of our society. It has become a permanent part of our lives, and it has had a startling impact in establishing the kind of step functions that are characteristic of how our society runs. The power of the Internet to reach out and connect people as a storytelling conduit or new storytelling media is going to make it the most important technological invention since the printing press."

The SIGGRAPH 97 Exhibition showcased the products and services of 359 companies in a record-breaking 182,600 net square feet of exhibit space.

"We're all surfing the waves of digital change," said Conference Chair G. Scott Owen at the opening session. "At SIGGRAPH 97 you see the future and meet the creators of that future. In fact, many of you are those creators. You are the people who create the technology -- the hardware, the software, and the algorithms that drive the change in technology. You are also the world's greatest surfers of the changing waves, the SIGGRAPH artists, the people that make the technology come alive."

SIGGRAPH 98, the 25th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will be held in Orlando at the Orange County Convention Center, 19-24 July 1998.

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