SIGGRAPH 97 Seeks to Expand Attendees Interactive Experiences and Reach Out to New Audiences

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3 August 1996

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SIGGRAPH 97, the 24th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, will be held in Los Angeles at the Los Angeles Convention Center, 3-8 August 1997. Over 40,000 computer graphics enthusiasts will converge to experience the latest in interactive technology and techniques. A comprehensive technical program, three-day exhibition, and special activities focusing on art, animation, and interactivity are planned.

"The vision of SIGGRAPH 97 is to define the next wave of digital technology by connecting the most talented and creative in the computer graphics community both locally and globally," said Conference Chair G. Scott Owen. "In addition, we want to expose new, diverse audiences throughout the world to emerging technologies that impact their lives." Owen, director of hypermedia and visualization laboratory, and professor of mathematics and computer science at Georgia State University, was named conference chair for SIGGRAPH 97 in April 1995.

 Expanding Attendees Interactive Experiences

Several new programs and activities will join the traditional SIGGRAPH offers of Papers, Panels, Courses, the Exhibition, Keynote Address, Computer Animation Festival, Educators Program, and the Art Show.

The Creative Applications Laboratory (CAL) is designed to support the other conference programs and events by offering attendees a place to cement the learning that goes on throughout SIGGRAPH 97. CAL is an open area where attendees can, for example, have hands-on experiences on the materials in a course they just attended, test out a new rendering algorithm from a Papers session, or work side by side with artists whose works are on exhibit in the Fine Arts Gallery. Contributors to SIGGRAPH 97 are encouraged to include their materials on the machines in the CAL for attendees to experiment with, learn with, play with, or just enjoy.

For the first time, SIGGRAPH 97 is soliciting proposals for Online Panels that would begin before the conference and culminate in virtual and onsite panel presentations at SIGGRAPH 97. Proposals for Online Panels that use tools to extend connections throughout the international computer graphics community, apply innovative Web-based experiments, and/or involve new research and/or design strategies are encouraged.

The SIGGRAPH 97 interactive program, Electric Garden, will challenge the global community to present the most exciting, emerging computer technologies created and developed by the world's foremost experts. Art and design will mix with advanced computer technology to introduce new ways of communicating, thinking, and living while providing a complete sensory experience for all SIGGRAPH 97 attendees.

Ongoings: The Fine Arts Gallery will present an in-depth look at computer-based artists and their work. The exhibition will show a body of work for each artist, showcasing their ongoing creative vision.

Sketches will be live presentations designed to encourage participants to share their recent work in computer graphics research, graphic design, application areas, and interactive techniques. New this year will be a special session of Sketches giving invited Computer Animation Festival artists an opportunity to present their work in person to the SIGGRAPH 97 audience in an informal setting.

 Reaching out to New Audiences

SIGGRAPH 97 is exploring the possibility of a new conference capability: television broadcast events that are designed to educate, entertain, and inform. SIGGRAPH TV will take advantage of satellite technology and work with television stations throughout the world to give remote viewers the opportunity to experience portions of the conference. SIGGRAPH TV will consist of selected contributions to the various SIGGRAPH 97 programs. It will include the latest in computer-generated animations, live conference events, special programs, and informational features covering the broad range of topics in the industry.

The SIGGRAPH 97 community outreach activity is designed to extend the reach of the conference beyond the traditional computer graphics community, and far beyond the walls of the Los Angeles Convention Center. This activity is designed to establish new links with individuals, companies, and institutions throughout Los Angeles and Southern California: grade school and high school students, artists who want to explore interactive technologies, technical industries that are just beginning to adopt computer graphics tools, and students and faculty at the region's colleges and universities.

SIGGRAPH continues to expand its presence online through its dynamic site on the World Wide Web. The site ( contains customer-focused information, including online registration, program content, and exhibition updates.

Companies are already contracting for space in the SIGGRAPH 97 Exhibition, the annual marketplace of computer hardware, software, and services. SIGGRAPH is the largest computer graphics exhibition in the United States with over 325 exhibitors expected to fill more than 160,000 net square feet. A new record was set at SIGGRAPH 96 when the exhibit floor exceeded 150,000 net square feet of space.

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