Community Outreach


Nearly 1,000 educators (K-college), students (16 years of age and older), and technical industry professionals just beginning to adopt computer graphics tools were invited guests to SIGGRAPH 97 for the Community Outreach Program.

Schools/colleges represented:

Alta Loma Elementary
East Los Angeles Occupational Center
El Camino College
Glendale College
Hillcrest Elementary
Los Angeles City College
Los Angeles County High School for the Arts
Los Angeles Unified School District
Marshall Fundamental School
Pasadena City College
Technology Development Center
Ventura Adult Education
Villa Park High School


SIGGRAPH 97, the 24th international conference on computer graphics and interactive techniques, brought 48,700 computer graphics enthusiasts to the Los Angeles Convention Center, 3-8 August 1997.

The SIGGRAPH 97 Community Outreach Program included:

Presentations by industry professionals on the use of computer graphics in various fields:

Digital Careers for Artists in the 21st Century
Isaac Kerlow, Walt Disney Studios

Virtual Extras and Virtual Stars
Hank Driskill, Digital Domain

Processing Space Mission Remote Sensing Data
William Green, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Discussions and case histories by professionals and educators on curriculum planning and preparing students for careers in computer graphics:
Virtual Ping Pong -- a student panel
Ran Libeskind-Hadas, Harvey Mudd College

The Ins and Outs of Rendering in Animation
Rosalee Wolfe, DePaul University

Preparing Your Portfolio and Demo Reel
Rachel Nicoll, Sony Pictures Imageworks

Tours of the conference and student interactive projects were all part of Community Outreach activities. An interactive room, called SIGpen, to showcase students' projects using computer graphics in interesting ways, and an area to critique student demo reels were also offered.


Los Angeles Convention Center


3-8 August 1997


The SIGGRAPH 97 Community Outreach Program was part of the conference committees' initiative to reach out and teach new audiences about emerging digital technologies that impact their lives.

Contact Information:

Jackie White
SIGGRAPH 97 Community Outreach Chair
California State University, Los Angeles
Department of Communication Studies
5151 State University Drive
Los Angeles, California 90032-8111 USA
+1.213.343.6467 fax