Student Volunteers


Mk Haley
Student Volunteer Chair

We invite you to contribute your time, expertise, and enthusiasm to SIGGRAPH 97. Students who accept the challenge will facilitate and enhance the 24th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, enjoy valuable professional and personal experiences, and gain exposure to technology, creative endeavors, and industry pioneers. Follow in the footsteps of industry pioneers and lead the way into the future as a Student Volunteer!

Students serve in a variety of roles as they support the various programs and events at the conference. They are the first point of contact for many attendees and contributors, assisting in everything from registration to audio/visual requirements, installation and maintenance of events, and monitoring courses and interactive exhibits. Each assignment is an opportunity to interact with contributors, educators, committee members, and attendees from diverse areas of the computer graphics community.

The deadline for submission of Student Volunteer Applications and Pioneer Grant Applications was 12 March 1997.